Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Promotions and change of jobs

Two incidents -

In a faculty meeting at NMIMS we were waiting for the tea to be served. The person manning the tea arrangements outside refused to serve us as he was the 'supervisor' and person supposed to serve tea had gone down.

At a Pizza Hut outlet at Borivali, peak time, the staff were trying to clear and re arrange tables as fast as they could. There was a rush of customers waiting outside. As soon as the table next to us became empty, the supervisor started collecting the tissues strewn on the table. Till the waiter arrived a lot of the table was clean. Both of them together cleared and cleaned the table.

I am sure all of us can take our own lessons. Job roles in processes are sometimes defined very narrowly. The definitions are also internally oriented and have nothing to do with the customer. Internally oriented job roles may lead to some hypothetical efficiency calculation, but they may be detrimental to customer service.

I am not looking at criticizing individuals. Of course a point could also be made that the faculty could have taken tea on their own. An employee behaves in a manner that is defined in his job role. In an era of less competition job roles and processes defined to create high efficiencies were okay, but in the current competitive scenario they are a sure way to ruin.

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Tushar Kothavale. said...

I do agree with you. The basic problem which I perceive is the typical Indian mentality "mind your own business" you can see it everywhere be it a govt. office or a private sector. The process to change this mentality implies resistance. Such people change only if their boss orders them or there is an adverse situation (such as survival etc.). The increased competition has brought in the latter scene. This phenomenon is mostly due to the culture rather than any other factor.