Monday, October 19, 2009

Clean technologies - CSR or business?

I was invited to take a session at an small MBA institute in Gujarat. I had given then a few pages of reading material. I saw that the institute had edited the layout of my material so that it fit in only four pages and printed it on both sides of the paper. I began my session by appreciating the editing that saved lot of paper, an environmentally conscious action. A student stood up to reply that she was responsible for this and her prime motivation was to save money. Printing on both sides was obviously cheaper than two sheets with one side printed.

This incident reemphasized my concern that we had a wrong approach to clean technologies and sustainable environment based practices. Many companies had a special department that looked at these initiatives and these were paraded to the world as CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) initiatives. Firms used such actions to occupy high moral ground among consumers and the society.

A better way to look at these initiatives would be to assess them as normal business projects. They would have an investment and a straight monetary return. This would be the only way to ensure that the projects are taken up willingly by many companies. Businesses should be convinced that clean technologies save money and that they save the environment is a by product.

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manojkr1968 said...

very very touching point, we are trying to solve big issue but small thing also have own importance